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Lots of products right to my door.
Mindy S. – Salt Lake City, Utah
Their milk tastes awesome. My kids won't drink anything else.
Kara S. – West Jordan, Utah
They have great products! They are very reliable on the delivery and have great customer service!
Jennifer S. – Sandy, Utah
They have the best milk and I like the convenience of delivery.
Dave S. – Salt Lake City, Utah
I wake up, still in my jammies, bring in my groceries and make breakfast for my children. All without leaving my house. It's awesome! Thank you Winder Farms and to the drivers who wake up at the crack of dawn, we appreciate you!
Patricia S. – Heber City, Utah
Every week I can get the basics and only have to go to the grocery store once per week now instead of three times plus.
Shanell S. – Syracuse, Utah
It's the best milk out there...bar none!!!
Alisha S. – Lehi, Utah
Their milk is delicious and they are convenient to have their products delivered to our home and their web site is easy to use!
Duane S. – West Jordan, Utah
The milk is always fresh, and right on time...rain, sleet or snow, and I really appreciate that!!
Donna S. – Eden, Utah
The milk is fantastic!!! No other brand of milk comes close!!
Suzette S. – Sandy, Utah
They deliver fresh natural dairy products right to my door each week in reusable glass bottles. Just like the good old days.
Charry S. – Salt Lake City, Utah
The tradition of home delivery that Winder has kept going is something I've had since I was a young boy. I still remember going to Winder Farms in elementary school (I'm 55 now!) every year.
Dave S. – Salt Lake City, Utah
I never run out of needed items, like milk and bread. My grocery bill is much less each week!
Connie S. – Murray, Utah
They have the best chocolate milk ever. It's like being a kid again! Everything is fresh and it's kind of nostalgic to receive the milk the way it used to be delivered back in the day.
Scott S. – Salt Lake City, Utah
We started with Winder Farms in 1948 and my mother and grand-mother also had the service. Now my daughter has the delivery so it makes 4 generations!
Jean S. – Salt Lake City, Utah
We have had Winder milk at this address since 1944, and at a different address for about six years before that. Obviously we're pleased with Winder Farms.
Sharon T. – Salt Lake City, Utah