Why Winder...

20 Reasons Why

Delicious Products!

  • All-natural, fresh, award-winning dairy. Delivered to your door.
  • Winder Farms Applewood bacon... sugar-cured, deep-smoked with applewood chips. Sooo good.
  • Chocolate milk in glass bottles. Treat your family.
  • Over 300 farm-fresh products, unique to each market.

Live Healthier!

  • It's easier to eat healthy when good food comes to you
  • Avoid impulsive snacks by keeping healthy products in stock at home
  • Try the weekly produce recipe box to discover new fruits and vegetables
  • Try our lunch salads... great for on the go!
  • Healthy snacks for kids

Save time... use it on things that matter to you!

  • Save hours each week by reducing trips to the grocery store
  • Shop from anywhere on your computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Set it and forget it... save your favorite items to your weekly delivery list
  • Make changes up until 8 pm the night of delivery. Wake up to fresh groceries.

We love our customers!

  • 100% Product satisfaction guarantee

  • 8 AM delivery guarantee. Hand-delivered each week by your personal driver.

  • Products are selected and rotated based on customer reviews... we love hearing feedback!


(The above wordcloud shows responses from thousands of customers on what they love about Winder Farms.)

Our customers love us, too!

  • We've been in business since 1880, thanks to our loyal customers!
  • Read comments from our biggest fans on our testimonials page


We are community-minded

  • We source locally whenever possible and partner with community organizations.
  • We care about our environmental impact. Read about our community partners and green initiatives here.