About Us

Winder Farms has been delivering fresh dairy products to the doorsteps of tens of thousands of Utah homes since 1880. Since then, we've grown and so has the assortment of products we deliver! We're no longer just the milkman; we are now more like a farmers market on wheels, delivering fresh groceries to the doors of families across Utah. In addition to our award-winning dairy products, we deliver fresh produce, baked goods, premium meats, and much more. In fact, we now deliver over 300 products that come fresh from the farm! 

At Winder Farms, we pride ourselves on making your life more convenient, and try to do so by following three guiding pillars.

  • Fresh — We want everything we deliver to be as fresh as possible. Our baked goods are fresh baked daily, our milk is delivered to your door within 48 hours, and our produce is always freshly picked. For us, being fresh isn't a goal, it's who we are.
  • Great-Tasting — We offer a lot of products that are good for you, but others are just plain good! Whether it's ensuring all our produce is perfectly crisp or making sure our cookies have just the right amount of chocolate chips, we obsess over making sure everything we deliver is always delicious!
  • Convenient — We know your time is valuable, that's why we try to make your life a little less hectic by delivering all your groceries right to your front door. We've improved our website, developed a mobile site, and continually strive to find new ways to make our service as convenient as possible, because your time is our time.

Started by John R. Winder in 1880, Winder Farms has always been a family business. Today, fifth and sixth generation Winders are still involved in operation of the business, and are committed to delivering our customers the highest quality customer service around. Today, the Winder Farms family has extended to include valued customers, great vendors, and employees who are passionate about delivering freshness.