Award Winning Taste—Best in the World!

  • We put flavor as a top priority - and have since 1880!
  • Fresh! Our milk is delivered in as little as 30 hours from cow to porch


  • Our cows are never treated with artificial growth hormones
  • We deliver at night, shielding the milk from photo-degradation

Customers love it!

  • Superior taste that customers rave about
  • Convenience of saving trips to the store

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our recyclable plastic milk bottles can be thrown right into your recycling bin



Best Purchase Ever!

This is the best milk ever! Excellent quality and taste. My favorite part is that it is an all-natural product...feel great giving it to my children.
- Holiwud, SLC, UT

Only Skim Milk I'll Drink.

Normally I hate skim milk, any other brand tastes like water. But I've been looking for ways to be healthier and when I tried Winder's Skim milk I was hooked.
- Starsu, Orem, UT

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