Award Winning Taste—Best in the World!

  • We put flavor as a top priority - and have since 1880!
  • Fresh! Our milk is delivered in as little as 30 hours from cow to porch


  • Our cows are never treated with artificial growth hormones
  • We deliver at night, shielding the milk from photo-degradation

Customers love it!

  • Superior taste that customers rave about
  • Convenience of saving trips to the store

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our reusable bottles keep millions of disposable bottles out of landfills


It just tastes better in glass bottles!

I like the nostalgic yet modern feel of having milk delivered to our door in glass bottles every week. My grandfather was a milkman. I'm sure he'd love to know that his grandchildren and great grandchildren are enjoying the freshness of milk delivered to our doorstep.
- Shannon, Las Vegas, NV

Best Purchase Ever!

This is the best milk ever! Excellent quality and taste. My favorite part is that it is an all-natural product...feel great giving it to my children.
- Holiwud, SLC, UT

Only Skim Milk I'll Drink.

Normally I hate skim milk, any other brand tastes like water. But I've been looking for ways to be healthier and when I tried Winder's Skim milk I was hooked.
- Starsu, Orem, UT

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