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What is Prepped by Winder Farms?

Prepped is a meal-kit, delivered to your door. Prepped boxes contain 2 chef-tested recipes and all the ingredients you need to prepare them. Each recipe serves 2 people, so each kit contains 4 servings total.

Why do people buy Prepped?

Prepped answers the question, “What’s for dinner?” Imagine not having to decide what to cook, or search for a recipe, or make a list of items, or even go to the store for items. We do all that for you.

The recipes are unique, delicious and easy to follow. The ingredients are a mixture of locally and nationally sourced items. And the best part… it is delivered to your door.

What are my options for Prepped meals?

You can choose an omnivore box that will contain meat items or a vegetarian box that won’t. Each week, you can see the recipes included in each option and can choose to order the omnivore box, the vegetarian box, neither, or both.

How many people does 1 delivered box serve?

Each box will have ingredients and recipes for 2 separate dishes that each serve 2 people. So each box has 4 total servings.(2 recipes x 2 servings each = 4 servings)

Is Prepped by Winder Farms a standalone service?

No. Prepped boxes are now part of the over 350 products we offer with our weekly grocery delivery service.

Do Prepped boxes come each week automatically?

No. Prepped boxes cannot be added as a standing item because their ingredients change each week. So as you update your weekly order you can choose whether or not to add a Prepped box to it.

If I order Prepped am I signing up for Winder Farms grocery delivery service?

Yes. Becoming a Winder Farms grocery delivery customer allows you access to over 350 products for weekly delivery. Prepped boxes are now 1 of those 350 products you can choose to add to your weekly order.

What makes Prepped unique from other meal kit services?

A few things. First, we are local and deliver locally. This means we can incorporate local ingredients into the box and partner with local restaurants and chefs on the menus. Second, since we are local, we can also deliver in a re-usable insulated cooler bag, greatly reducing packaging waste. And finally, Prepped is part of a larger service, so not only can you make dinner easier, you can also make shopping easier by having other weekly staples delivered all from one online shopping experience.